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Jckic products

Bone & Horn

Antique Ornament Box

This monochromatic bone and wood ornament box is a multipurpose case for your dresser. A fit for all your precious jewels and family heirlooms, this box comes with a resin and MDF coating perfectly complementing the shine and lustre of your ornaments.

About Artisan

Suresh Chauhan

Suresh Chauhan, 46, is and Indian artisan working with bone and horn. He is accompanied by his brothers Lalit Chauhan, 48 and Hem Karan Chauhan, 44. Their father, Chunni Lal, was also an artisan of bone and horn and their grandfather, a well-established artisan in the jutti business. All three brothers began their training of the craft during their teenage years under the guidance of their father. Born and brought up in Jodhpur, these second-generation bone and hone artisans, found interest and assessed the lucrative craft market before becoming full-time artists. They have seen the shift in the market from ivory to bone, and are currently experimenting with mother of pearl and resin work. One of their best-selling patterns, the Mughal jali work, was extremely popular in the market in the 90’s. Post a two-decade successful run, they bought a new factory space in Basani, Jodhpur, in 2010, prior to which they operated entirely from their home.

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