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We offer high-tech products and services which range from customised 3D printed products to mobile and web-based applications. We specialise in creating true-scale 3D-printed memorabilia, products replicas and ethnic Indian gifts (also catering to bulk corporate orders), with company branding, if required.

Our software applications include Extended Reality (XR-AR/VR/MR) and AI-based interactive and immersive experiences with 3D computer-generated content and realistic models of places, objects, people & communities.

Are you looking for a tech solution to your problem? An immersive experience, AR VR services, 3D Printing, an IoT solution, game development, or something else? Let’s Talk.

Digital Documentation

Laser Scanning | 3D Modelling | Digital Reconstruction | Digital Archiving

Vizara offers various ways of digitally documenting our fragile tangible and intangible cultural heritage at the National & International Level. We help preserve monument sites & complexes through laser scanning and high-res media capture to produce architectural drawings and detailed 3D views of the heritage site which can assist in critical conservation work. Using detailed 3D modeling and 3D printing, we help in digital conjectural reconstructions of ruins and broken artefacts.

NextGen Experiential Center

VR/AR/MR | Projection Mapping | 3D Printing | AI | IoT | Holographic Projection | Virtual Walkthrough | 3D Modelling 

Vizara offers turn-key solutions for designing and setting up Experiential Centers according to space requirements. These experiential centers offer innovatively designed, highly immersive, extended-reality (XR) experiences with cutting-edge technologies enhanced with high-quality 2D and 3D content created in-house. These experiential centers are designed to create the next generation of reality and open up a different world to the users to experience the multidimensional content.

Mixed Reality Kiosks

Laser Scanning | 3D Printing | 3D Projection Mapping | AI | IoT | 3D Modelling | AR/VR | Virtual Walkthrough

Vizara ViRaasat is a digital heritage product – an interactive kiosk with a physical site model, projection systems, vision equipment, and interaction tools. It offers a bird-eye view of a built site with a personalised virtual walk-through and guided tour-on-demand, highlighting different aspects of the site – history, architecture, mythology & cultural legacy.


3D Holograms

3D Modelling | Motion Capture | Holographic Projection | Gesture based Computing

Vizara offers the technology to display any event or product using interactive holograms in 3D. These are realistic reproductions appearing out of nowhere and create a magical experience of the event or product for the viewer. We have the capability to create 10x more immersion through holographic projections using in-house generated content and indigenously constructed hardware.


VR Applications

Virtual Reality | 3D Modelling | App Development | Web Development

Vizara offers several applications and services for Virtual Reality (VR) experiences on the web and through VR headsets ranging from Google cardboard and Oculus to the HTC Vive. VR creates an immersive experience of being transported and immersed into a virtual world for the user. We have multiple VR apps available on the PlayStore and App Store.


AR Applications

Augmented Reality | 3D Modelling | App Development

Vizara offers various augmented reality (AR) based applications and services for hand-held, mobile devices such as tablets and phones. AR is about live augmenting of digital content over the real world. Some of our AR apps are stand-alone and create magical experiences of products and events appearing out of nowhere (when seen through the device), and others accompany our 3D printed heritage memorabilia gifts called ViRaasat gifts.


Virtual Event with 360 degree coverage

360 Degree Capture | Live Streaming | AR-MR Experience | 3D Avatars | 3D Animations | Event Metaverse | Personalised Memorabilia

Vizara specializes in executing Virtual events such as College eConvocations with the right blend of aesthetics and technology. We use Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and 3D modeling and printing – to turn any event into a virtual, immersive and interactive experience. While the Metaverse is now becoming a catch-word, we already created a metaverse for the students of premier academic institutes of India such as the IITs and IIMs, wherein they watched their 3D avatars receive degrees and medals at their live convocation event.

Game Development

Game Design | Prototyping |Animations | In-Game VFX | Game Mechanics |Art Design & Visual Storyboarding | Game Development & Deployment

Vizara, using its technical knowledge and expertise, is setting up a new vertical for solutioning – Game Development, with a (current) tunnel vision on India’s Cultural Heritage. Continuing the journey of combining our expertise in digitizing heritage with new-age technologies; this vertical will focus on the Gamification of Heritage.

This is an engaging way to increase awareness about India’s historical artefacts and renew interest for culture amongst the youth of today and provide them with innovative and fun experiences to learn from.
Our goal is to create interactive games for users to enjoy and absorb information in newer ways.

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